The Solutions Focus programme is designed using the principles of accelerated learning and solutions focus. These methodologies create faster and more effective targeted learning that is proven to stay with participants long after the course has been completed.


The workshop is highly interactive, with plenty of opportunity for skills practice. You’ll get to choose the content for skill practices, giving you the opportunity to practice your coaching skills on real-life work-related situations that you can then take away and apply.

You’ll have a set of new tools, techniques and tips that you can apply immediately to your current issues and practice. Applied by many professional coaches and managers, these methods are now making significant differences within organizations around the world.


During the programme Paul and Janine will help you to:

  1. Use the Solutions Focus model

    Learn how to use an effective and adaptable coaching model to enhance performance

  2. Create impact

    Be able to share know-how and get the message across in a way that is heard and acted on

  3. Build skills

    Further develop coaching skills including listening and asking powerful questions

  4. Renew motivation

    Develop ways to build renewed motivation through feedback and other techniques

  5. Improve performance

    Learn how to have coaching conversations that help people identify resources, make progress and raise their performance

  6. Utilise tools

    Take away instantly-usable tools that can be used in day-to-day conversations or as part of a coaching process