The good news is that you’ll soon learn how to create a difference using the Solutions Focus Coaching Framework.

Recognised leaders in the field, Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman are coming to Australia to run just three workshops - in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Spend two days with two of the world’s best

Build your coaching skills through a solutions-focused approach and you’ll leave transformed, knowing exactly how to:

  1. Create and take advantage of coachable moments

  2. Have more efficient and constructive conversations that lead to action

  3. Work with your people to empower them to identify goals, build on existing achievements and take progressive steps to improved performance and results…

 You’ll have a set of new tools, techniques and tips that you can apply immediately to your current issues and practice. Applied by many professional coaches and managers, these methods are now making significant differences within organizations around the world.

Hear more about the Solutions Focus approach and how you can apply it to coaching and facilitation


18-19 NOV


25-26 NOV


21-22 NOV