How to Shift Your Staff and Clients from Having Potential to Delivering Results

Do you have people working for you who are not reaching their potential?

You know they’ve got the ability, but they still need help. Whatever you’ve tried so far hasn’t seemed to work - maybe it’s time for a change in approach…

We’ve found that a pragmatic approach of helping individuals and teams to access previous successes and re-apply their skills towards achieving high performance is the key to a turbo-charged way forward.


About solutions focus

The work of Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman from the UK provides you with a simple framework to help your staff and clients to be absolutely clear about what they really want to change and be 100% empowered to focus on actions that are most likely to work.


build your skills

Solutions Focus Training is a practical, positive and highly effective methodology which significantly improves communications for individuals, teams and organisations.

If you focus on what’s wanted and elicit people’s strengths, you‘ll create outstanding results. Coaching with a Solutions Focus is a pragmatic, simple way to develop your skills as a manager, facilitator, trainer and leader.

Learn a set of new tools, techniques and tips that you can apply immediately to your current issues and practice.

…a positive and rewarding experience